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Thread: Layout bug on window resize

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    Exclamation Layout bug on window resize

    Please help me. Did You see anything like that (attachment)? On window resize ext layout goes crazy. Combo triggers are doubled and misplaced, buttons and grid are shredered. This effect occured recently after some code refactoring. Befeore that everything was being resized normaly.

    I dont even know what parts of code shall i put here to be refered to.

    Is it some issue with doctype perhaps?

    SOLVED! - i accidentally initiated vieport twice that rendered every element two times. SO if anyone sees this kind of layout eyesore its probably because some components are doubled. (similar output can be achieved by rendering two elements with same id).

    Anyways sorry for bothering. And thanks for help.
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    if there are not simple solutions (like as for me or for some other rookies like me) there will be always some gurus (Animal, Condor, Stefenk, Evant and some others) to solve you this But :
    1. Try to put some code here. Nobody can guess what cause rhis. You show the result. Must examine the cause (and this is the code)
    2. If you made refactoring of works well before, you can simply compare and see what are the changes made... Sure it must be there...

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    No, this is not DOCTYPE related. It must be a misconfigured layout.

    Did you configure all comboboxes with an anchor?

    ps. You'll indeed need to post your layout code if you want more help.

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