I have come up with an issue that certain headers are not being sent when I call getForm.submit(). For example, the "X-Requested-With" header is not being sent, which is causing Asp.Net to not detect the form submission request as an Ajax request, which I need it to do for various reasons (e.g. send errors via Json and not error 500 Html pages).

I tried adding "headers: { 'X-Requested-With' : 'XMLHttpRequest' }," to my submit() call, but this did not work. I then tried to modify the default headers with "Ext.Ajax.defaultHeaders = { 'My-Test': 'Test worked' };". When I did this, all my requests are correctly sending the 'My-Test' header except for form submissions.

Does anyone know how I can correctly add the X-Requested-With header to form submission calls?