I stuck in a place where I need to pass several parameters in url while using Ext.Router & built-in MVC in Sencha-touch. Having initialized routing as below:
Ext.Router.draw(function (map) {
entering url "localhost/#users/show/3" executes 'show' action in 'users' controller with "3" as passed parameter.
works just fine, until several parameters need to be passed to an action for example "localhost/#users/search/type=3&quote=john", I would expect that 'search' action in 'users' controller would be executed with string parameter as "type=3&quote=john", but routing does not call any action if any spacial char is passed as parameter (':', '=',' &').
I assume this is a restricted by routing, but I dont get it why.
Other option is to register routes as following:
but I dont find it the best practice (for example when the number of parameters is dynamic)

Could anyone explain this to me how multiple parameters should be passed to action using routing, assuming that each parameter should be recognizable by its name.