Id like to introduce you Ext.ux.touch.Rating control for Sencha Touch framework.



More examples and documentation:

new Ext.ux.touch.Rating({
    itemsCount : 5,
    label : 'Star',
    inputCls : 'x-rating-star-input',
    itemCls : 'x-rating-star',
    itemHoverCls : 'x-rating-star-hover'
I added one experimental (optional) behavior to the control when user tap/drag over some star, all previous stars change their color to (predefined) another color. So user can assume what the current rating is by noticing color of the first (previous) star (which is not hovered by thumb anymore).

You're welcome with comments and suggestions.

UPDATE 3/20/2012:
Finally I migrated rating field to Sencha Touch 2.0, find more details here: