Hi guys,

I run my own web agency in York, UK and heard about Sencha a couple of months ago from a colleague. After around 5-6 weeks of learning Sencha Touch (with a lot of help from the forums) we've now released 2 Sencha Touch Apps (1 on the App Store and 1 as a mobile website)

I'd be really interested to know what you all think!


'MOVE NY' is an iPhone App built in Sencha Touch & wrapped up in PhoneGap. 'Move Guides' (http://www.moveguidesonline.com/) are a company who design & produce booklet guides for moving to new cities; including New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Boston.

App Store link for the New York version (2.99 / $4.99):


'Fibbers York' is a mobile website built in Sencha Touch. Fibbers is a gig & club venue in York, UK and they wanted a more iPhone-friendly version of their website.

Visit: http://fibbers.co.uk/ on your iPhone for this one. It's free!


Really interested to hear comments!



Technical Director
Snapshot Media