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Thread: Adobe AIR...just another widget platform?

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    Default Adobe AIR...just another widget platform?

    What does Adobe AIR provide that isn't available in widgets? I've been reading about it and I don't see ANY point in making another one of these widget/gadget/konfabulator options. Could someone explain to me the why AIR was created if there are already available options that are serving just fine?

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    OK... I will bite.

    Before ExtJS had an adapter for AIR I started a widget using Yahoo Widgets / Konfabulator. I quickly found that I would have to write just about every component or use a conglomeration of other people's valiant attempts to cobble together something useful by way of a coherent application toolset. Perhaps that has changed (that was 2 years ago).

    If you wanted to build yet another weather watcher or clock or stock ticker then it is probably fine. If you want to build something more complex you need some tools.

    Now we have ExtJS with all the elegance that brings to building real world useful apps. I can build and deploy quickly and use the same knowledge (and often codebase) that I use for browser based Ext apps.

    Now, AIR itself is not a perfect platform and if you know of a better way to use ExtJS in a way that delivers at least what AIR does please let me know!


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    Well, I have been reading a lot about it before and as branded to allow developers to use flash and flex to build some sort of rich media applications that can run outside the browser on multiple operating systems. Though with today's technology, the detach cannot be made with the majority of web widgets in flash implementation. With that, a populated list of capabilities are in its range to run on social networking and blogging avenues.

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