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Thread: Select not working on Android and iPhone

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    Thanks, this was a weird one. The select components was working in safari and on the iPad, but not on the iPhone. Adding name solved the problem!

    Thanks again!

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    Default Select not working on Android and iPhone

    I tried setting the 'name' property as follows according to previous suggestions (I didn't have the 'name' attribute set originally):

    var accountType = new Ext.form.Select({
    label: 'Account Type',
    cls: 'inputData',
    name: 'accountType',
    options: [
    {text: 'Checking', value: 'Checking'}, {text: 'Savings', value: 'Savings'}

    But it still does NOT work on iPhone 5 (I haven't tried on other mobile devices but I was told the drop-downs don't work on them either). However, above code/set up works (with or without the 'name' property) on mobilizers and simulated web browsers to act as mobile devices as I am able to click and select different options. Any idea what else needs to be done to get the 'Ext.form.Select' to work/ respond (open up/drop down to show different options) to finger tap? In the above code, 'Checking' is selected by default and displays in the drop-down but it won't let me select 'Savings' because it doesn't simply drop down and appears disabled even though it is enabled.

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