I'm trying to theme a Sencha Touch app with SASS.

In an scss file, I can define a color for a pressed list item:

$white: #fff;
$list_pressed_color: $white;

this makes the pressed behavior render the list item in flat white. works.

I can also define a gradient for an "active" item:
$list_active_gradient: 'bevel';

this makes the "active" behavior render the list item with a bevel gradient. works. (I don't know the exact definition of "active", but it definitely is well after "pressed")

How do I add a gradient for the list item for "pressed"? I've tried $list_pressed_gradient and $list_selected_gradient, and neither work.

I have only found beta documentation for sass theming, and none of this is yet documented. Is there a more complete documentation available for sass variables somewhere?