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Thread: [OPEN-758] prepareAssociatedData appears to collide on different models same id

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [OPEN-758] prepareAssociatedData appears to collide on different models same id

    Sencha Touch 1.0.1
    Google Chrome

    The prepareAssociatedData routine keeps track of all the associated models loaded.
    prepareAssociatedData: function(record, ids) {
            //we keep track of all of the internalIds of the models that we have loaded so far in here
            ids = ids || [];
    This works fine if there is only 1 associated model
    If there are multiple associated models and perhaps chained associations, this can cause a collision. It is perfectly possible to have different models with the same id. However, in this case the model would not be loaded because...

     //when we load the associations for a specific model instance we add it to the set of loaded ids so that
     //we don't load it twice. If we don't do this, we can fall into endless recursive loading failures.
     if (ids.indexOf(internalId) == -1) {
    so, rather than a simple list of ids, maybe a json object with model names as properties that reference a list of id's ie...

    ids = {
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