Hi everyone,

I'm using Google Chrome to test some of the Sencha demos. Right now I'm playing with the twitter application, as found here:


But am doing it on my local box, and am receiving an error for my trouble. The problem is in the call in TwitterProxy.js:

    buildRequest: function(operation) {
        var request = Ext.data.TwitterProxy.superclass.buildRequest.apply(this, arguments),

That line blows up in sencha-touch-debug.js, around line 8930. Here's the snippet:
    buildUrl: function(request) {
        var url     = Ext.data.ScriptTagProxy.superclass.buildUrl.call(this, request),  
            params  = Ext.apply({}, request.params),
            filters = params.filters,
            filter, i;
        delete params.filters;
        if (this.autoAppendParams) {
            url = Ext.urlAppend(url, Ext.urlEncode(params));
        if (filters.length) {
The problem is filters.length is null. Thus the blowup.

I'm not having a problem on the dev.sencha.com site, using this demo. I downloaded the API about a month ago. Any ideas what might be going on? Most of the demos work fine on my laptop.