I noticed a couple of small issues when checking out the 2.0 version.

  1. When you click somewhere that causes one of the colorpicker indicators to animate to the new position, the color at the new position is applied immediately to the swatch in the picker, not after the indicator has stopped moving.
  2. The text fields for RGB/HSV all resist selecting the text in them. This can make it quite interesting to figure out just how one would go about keying in new values. Either change the fields to allow manual selection or change them to auto-select the value upon focus/click.

Additionally, I have a couple of feature ideas.

  1. The text boxes that take numeric values ought to use the spinner UX posted in these forums so that there's a clear indication of how to change the values along with superb keyboard interaction.
  2. I'd like to see this ux as an extension to a trigger field so those that need more than colorfield has to offer can use this.