Hi guys,
I wanna share with you my personal iPhone application made with Sencha Touch and Objective C.
With this app, you can send a direct message to me to hire me for a new job or only to communicate with me to ask help about software / web and mobile development and even 3d modeling / rendering.
There is even a dedicated section for all my customers:
Every customer will be provided with authentication params and they will see in real time the status of theyre project development thanks to the development table and they will receive push notification when the status change, or I send them some works documents.
The app have a clean layout and custom Sencha Theme.


A bigger picture is available at this address:

Well, I hope you like it and you can take this as example about what you can do with this amazing framework that is Sencha Touch.
I'm curios to hear what do you think about it.

Cheers guys!