I'm getting a javascript error from within my function call to ext.template.append. The message I'm getting is me.html.replace is not a function. This exception is happening on line 5763 of ext-all-debug.js. I'm using ext 3.0.3. Here is a snippet of what I'm doing (this code is from within an extension of Ext.Panel that I've been writing)...

var myHtml = '<div>' +
'<div id="tField-{id}"></div>' +
'<div class="tArea-v-sep"></div>' +
'<div id="tArea-{id}"></div>' +

var tAreaTmpl = new Ext.Template({
html : myHtml,
id : this.id

tAreaTmpl.append(Ext.get('ArgPanel'), {id : this.id});