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I tried to use Spket and didn't seem to work... ah well... For now, I'm using Aptana w/ ExtJS plugin provided by the community... it's fairly good but it's missing many API. It does not use jsb2 file for that though....

Can someone please respond?? If I can make JavaScript coding less painful, you'll be my hero of the day.
Sorry, I really didn't mean to hijack this thread with IDE talk - I was really just interested in whether the .jsb file would be in 4, and that's been answered. I can tell you that Spket works great for me for 2 and 3, though there are some gotchas - having to setup a JavaScript profile and set the default JS editor to be Spket, for example. Maybe someone could make another IDE thread? If you have specific Spket issues with 2-3, I can probably assist.