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Thread: 2-tier or N-tier on client side?

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    Default 2-tier or N-tier on client side?

    Usually we choose a 3-tier or N-tier structure for database driven website developement. With AJAX, do we need a 2-tier or N-tier on client side?

    For example, I usually use data model (DM) in js for grid, view, content panel. The js code for DM is usually mixed with other UI interface in one class. How can I effectively have a seperate class, for example datamodel class, which is exclusive for data access? In this way the DM code can be reused in many pages.

    I am a newbie in ajax application developement. All of the time I need your guys help!

    Thank you!

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    Extending the appropriate data model class always an option. Then you can add additional helper functions as well. For example:

    FeedDataModel = function(){
         var schema = 
          ... // put your data model init and config stuff here
          // you can optionally pass paging init info to this 
          // objects constructor and call initPaging with it
    YAHOO.extendX(FeedDataModel, YAHOO.ext.grid.XMLDataModel, {
        loadFeed : function(feedUrl){
            this.load('feed-proxy.php', {feed: feedUrl});
    then anywhere you need a new data model for feeds:

    var dm = new FeedDataModel();

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