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Thread: Custom store : link an external js/store

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    Default Custom store : link an external js/store

    In an ext designer project, is it possible to attach to an external js file that define a custom store?
    i think no, so is this planned ? where could we find extdesigner roadmap / bug tracker ?

    i have redefined a view for a grid (using Ext.grid.GroupingView) so i have defined a custom store (extends to use with...

    In the designer i put the custom store id into the grid property but the IDE dont know about custom store js file and warn me that there is no store associated to my grid each time i would like to export my project ...

    Maybe it should be a good way to enable promoting a store as class like it's possible for other components ?

    in advance thanks

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    Hi Brice,

    For now, you must include the external JS file in your .html file. There is no support for including third-party script within the Designer right now.

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