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Thread: Nestedlist and populating child lists after creation

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    Default Nestedlist and populating child lists after creation

    Hi there,

    I'm still getting my head around the way various things are done in Sencha/ExtJS, and have come across one question I've not been able to find an answer or example for.

    I would like to have a nested list - the initial root list has data available and displayed, but when pressing an item in the list I'd need it to go and perform some action (ajax, local db call, whatever that may be) and retrieve the data for that particular child-list, rather than the entire thing already being loaded into a store (which is what most examples seem to use).

    Is this possible, and if so what might that code look like?

    Many thanks.

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    Have a look at my solution to something similar to what your asking over here:
    Jean-Etienne LaVallee
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