Checkmark column shift-click
I'm working with the Grid Plugins Example page:

in IE and FF. If I click a row and then shift-click a row above or below it highlights the first, last, and each row between. If I then shift-click a row between the first and last the selection is truncated to where I jsut clicked, but the selection is truncated to just before where I clicked (the row I just clicked is excluded from the selection) and the row I had first shift-clicked on originally to expand my selection is still selected. As I type this I realize how difficult it is for even me to follow. I'll try and do better...

I click on row 1.
I shift-click on row 8. Rows 1-8 are selected.
I shift-click on row 5. Rows 1-4 are selected. Row 8 is selected.

If it makes any difference row 8 is darker than the other. Kind of a 'most selected' sort of highlighting. Don't know if that factors.

FF used: 3.6.13
IE used: 7.0.5730.13CO