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Thread: [FIXED]Datefield

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [FIXED]Datefield

    To start, sorry if I'm muddying the waters at all by stating any of the known issue stuff. If it becomes a nuisance let me know and I'll hang back.

    I was looking at the datefied in IE and FF on page:

    In IE and FF in the date field if you type some nonsense like 'a' it says "a is not a valid date - it must be in the format m/d/Y". If you clear the field the validation error stays the same saying a is not valid. If you then type s the message does not change - still stays a is not valid.

    In IE the title in the date picker widget is cut off. All that is visible is 80% of the first Letter of the month.

    In FF if you hover over the data picker title the tip "Choose a month (Control+Up/Down to move years)" is indexed lower than the date picker.

    IE used: 7.0.5730.13CO
    FF used: 3.6.13

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    We are very glad for all the feedback, so keep it coming! It's most helpful to us.

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    Part 1 of this issue has been resolved. Others to follow.

    Thanks for the report.
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