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Thread: getting started with air, and extjs-air

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    Default getting started with air, and extjs-air

    so I was writing an ext application, where I needed some features air would provide. Unfortunately the only tutorials I could find were the basic ext+air+redbull from jack, and a couple of other short blog articles. It would be nice to have a basic getting started tutorial somewhere, either a forum sticky, or in the learning section.

    here are some things I struggled with:

    aptana studio 2 seemed to be the best choice for air+ext(no plugin for studio 3 yet). I have no idea how to set it up as a current environment. the air plugin is still air 1.5, I figured out I could add my own air sdk, so I did it that way. I also added both EXTjs, and EXTJS-AIR in spket javascript profiles, not sure if I was supposed to. They both had jsb files.

    Once I had it installed, I had no idea how to bring in the examples, so the best method I have found so far, is to create a new aptana air project, and import the examples files, replacing the application.xml.
    is there a better way to do that?

    any other tips for a ext-air newbie?

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    Hi smokeman,

    you can download the ext-air package and use the examples inside as a starting point.

    I usually don't use aptana since they work with Air 2.0. How did you add your own sdk?

    You can use this post to get an overview how to structure your app directory and your main.html file.

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