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Thread: Form validation - tool tips

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    Default Form validation - tool tips

    I noticed in playing around with the new form examples that the tip that displays on invalid elements is not styled any differently than a regular tool tip now. Could someone please comment on the direction the tooltip styling is headed now? Will the error tooltips be styled differently in the final version? I must admit that I liked the style of the tips better in 3 than what I see in 4 now. The error tips were styled differently than the tooltips on buttons on a grid toolbar, etc and everything seemed closer to a desktop look and feel. Also, there seems to be a persistent problem in IE8 with the tooltips taking way more width than they need. I realize there will probably be a way to customize this, but it would be nice to know the intentions for the default behavior and such a commonly used element.

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    Tooltips are still a bit under construction. Expect them to be back to normal soon.

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