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Thread: Error: Adobe AIR runtime security violation with Ext.tree.TreePanel

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    Default Error: Adobe AIR runtime security violation with Ext.tree.TreePanel

    I am encountering an issue with treepanel on air
    My code is working as expected in a web browser, however in air this doesn't work
    I have this error :

    [app:/application.html#]Error: Adobe AIR runtime security violation for JavaScript code in the application security sandbox (eval)

    When looking at the line specified (4233), I found this :

            doDecode = function(json){
                return eval("(" + json + ")");    
    Is it normal ? If yes is there a way to correct that ?

    I thought extjs was free of eval() but I've found some in ext-all-debug (using version 3.3.1)


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    It's the Ext.util.JSON.decode method. Usually there are no issues with JSON encoding/decoding, even if it is done by an eval call.

    Please check your JSON for a correct syntax (or post it, if you are not sure). If nothing changed, try to set Ext.USE_NATIVE_JSON to true.

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