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Thread: [CLOSED] duplicate combo promote it as class ?

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [CLOSED] duplicate combo promote it as class ?

    it's seems like a bug but not sure :

    here is what i do :
    - create a "border" layout panel
    - create a west panel with "form" as layout property (called "westpanel")
    - add a combo box to the form "westpanel", set a store, some properties of the cbo..
    - i do a "duplicate" context menu command on the combo.
    i expect to see the 2 combo box with the second one under the first one.
    so the IDE and the preview show the 2 combo box on the same position : unable to set the second under the first combo !

    so to understand why, i edit the ext designer projet code to see that the IDE has set a jsFile property to my 2 combos but
    i never ask to promote the combo as class.

    when i delete the 2 combo, and recreate 2 combo manually i got not problem : the second combo is under the first.


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    oops sorry, my fault : the "itemId" property of my 2 combo box was the same !
    it's not a "duplicate" command bug, so seems not to be a bug as well
    this thread could be closed

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