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Thread: [FIXED]Title of Window with headerPosition Left and Right gets cut of in I.E. 8

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [FIXED]Title of Window with headerPosition Left and Right gets cut of in I.E. 8

    When a window has a headerPosition of left or right the last letter is being cut off in I.E 8. It appears correctly in FireFox 3.6

    Sorry this may have been a double bug post. It looks like it could be related to the same issue that firefoxSafari mention in his bug post
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    Yes, there's a slight inaccuracy in the VML way of doing that which we are looking into right now.

    Under the surface, there's a lot you don't see. IE does that in a totally different way to FF. FF will use SVG, IE will use VML, and we've encapsulated these (And Canvas) into a common API.

    As usual, IE is the badly behaved one!

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