Hello all,

I have been experimenting with SASS this midday, it's really cool and i like it a lot.

Now i want to style using the sencha touch css as base, I did read the:
blog post. Now i wanted to try out those demo's at the end of the blog, but i can't succeed, i had the sass example with the 3 buttons working, but this is a little too difficult for me

I get the following error when i startup my app: syntax error: undefined mixin 'sencha-panel'.

on line 21 of d:/users/..... in 'sencha-panel'
from line 21 of d:/.../../screen.scss

this is my code:

@import 'compass/css3';

$base-color: #7c92ae;
$base-gradient: 'glossy';

// Lists
$list-active-gradient: 'bevel';
$list-header-bg-color: transparentize(saturate($base-color, 10%), .25);
$list-header-gradient: 'matte';

// Tabs
$tabs-dark: #111;

@import 'sencha-touch/default/all';

@include sencha-panel;
@include sencha-buttons;
@include sencha-sheet;
@include sencha-picker;
@include sencha-tabs;
@include sencha-toolbar;
@include sencha-toolbar-forms;
@include sencha-carousel;
@include sencha-indexbar;
@include sencha-list;
@include sencha-layout;
@include sencha-form;
@include sencha-msgbox;
@include sencha-loading-spinner;

I did NOT edit any other thing in the folder created by compass, so the config.rb is unchanged.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kevin Vermaat