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Thread: [FIXED]documentation for AbstractManager is not that abstract

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    First of all, thanks for the new framework.

    It seems that the AbstractManager has been built on top of a previous ComponentMgr, as can be ssen from the comments/documentation. E.g.

    PHP Code:
         * Registers a function that will be called when a Component with the specified id is added to the manager. This will happen on instantiation.
         * @param {String} id The component {@link Ext.Component#id id}
         * @param {Function} fn The callback function
         * @param {Object} scope The scope (this reference) in which the callback is executed. Defaults to the Component.
    onAvailable : function(idfnscope){ 
    So it might be worth going through the AbstractManager class and check if everything in there is really abstract. Probably no bug as such, but some documentation clean-up (e.g. doc for create properly says " * @return {Mixed} The instance of whatever this manager is managing". Not very beautiful sentence, but more accurate)

    PHP Code:
     * @class Ext.AbstractManager
     * @extends Object
     * @ignore
     * Base Manager class - extended by ComponentMgr and PluginMgr
    => other classes extend ExtAbstractManager (e.g. Ext.ApplicationManager).


    PS: btw, Ext.AbstractManager.html under ext-4.0-pr2\docs\api\ of my pr2 download is empty (0 byte), as well as a number of other files in there...

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    I've fixed these up to make the docs more general. Thanks.
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