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Thread: Event names with dashes. A new convention?

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    Default Event names with dashes. A new convention?

    I found that some event names now contain dashes:

    * Batch#operation-complete
    * Dispatcher#before-dispatch
    * Controller#instace-created
    * Controller#instace-creation-failed
    * Controller#instace-updated
    * Controller#instace-update-failed
    * Controller#instace-destroyed
    * Controller#instace-destruction-failed

    Is this a new convention for naming events, that eventually all ExtJS code will use?

    If so, then on one hand I applaud such a change - as the old convention issometimesreallyhardtoread.

    On the other hand I have to ask: why not use camelCase, which is the standard naming-convention in JavaScript? Additionally with camelCase you wouldn't have to think about quoting when adding event-handlers like so:

    listeners: {
        "before-dispatch": function(){}, // needs to be quoted
        dispatch: function(){} // doesn't need to be quoted

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    I'd like to see an answer to this too...

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