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Thread: Preselecting a list view

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    Default Preselecting a list view

    Hello i am trying to preselect a listview on load but can't seem to do it. With comboboxes I just loaded the store and used the setValue method. But here it doesn't exist. I have tried with the .value field alos but still nothing.

    this is my store:
    var storeSeries = new{
    id: 1,
    fields: ['color', 'name', 'ploted'],
    data: []

    My listview:

    xtype: 'listview',
    id: 'lvSeriesSelector',
    store: storeSeries,
    //multiSelect: false,
    emptyText: 'No series to display',
    hideHeaders: true,
    singleSelect: true,
    value: lvSeriesSelectorValue,
    //reserveScrollOffset: true,
    columns: [

    header: 'Color',
    width: .1,
    dataIndex: 'color'
    header: 'Name',
    width: .35,
    dataIndex: 'name'
    header: 'Ploted',
    dataIndex: 'ploted',
    align: 'right'
    listeners: {
    scope: this,
    'click': lvSeriesSelectorHandler

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    Stumbled upon this while migrating my ListView. So for the archives (since its 2 months old)

    Ext.list.ListView is no more, use a Ext.grid.Panel instead.

    Things worth considering:

    • ListView used a ColumnLayout with percentage for widths, the Ext4 grid panel uses a BoxLayout (supports absolute widths like '50px' and relative widths via 'flex'

    • To select an entry programmatically, use #getSelectionModel().select(record) or similar. To mimic the behavior of ListView use the default Row(Selection)Model and selectByPosition({ row: 0}) for the first row


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