This is for 2.2.1

I am changing the value of Ext.MessageBox.buttonText.ok to 'Confirm', which displays perfectly the first time the message box is shown. However, due to some needed logic I am changing Ext.MessageBox.buttonText.ok to 'OK', and once I do this an in-line style width of 20px is applied to the <SPAN> surrounding the button's text and cannot be removed. Meaning that if I set Ext.MessageBox.buttonText back to 'Confirm' only 'Cor' is displayed in the button. This only happens in IE7. Has anyone encountered this before?

function displayAlertMsg(msgText, msg)
 Ext.MessageBox.buttonText.ok = msg;{
                title : 'Alert',
                msg : msgText,
                buttons: Ext.MessageBox.OK,
                icon: Ext.MessageBox.WARNING
You can test this function in IE7 by toggling between the following two function calls...

displayAlertMsg('This is a test message!', 'Confirm');
displayAlertMsg('This is a test message!', 'OK');
Thank you in advance for any advice on solving this!