Good day, everyone.

I've got a quick question regarding an autoHeight option for Ext.Panel component.
I'm using the following code
// define new panel
var panel = new Ext.Panel({
	border: false,
	autoHeight: true,
	renderTo: Ext.get('applicationBody'),
	items: {}

// define some form
var form =  new Ext.FormPanel({
        title: false,
        frame: false,
        fieldDefaults: {
            labelWidth: 110,
            labelStyle: 'padding-left:4px'
        bodyPadding: 10,
        items: [...],
        buttons: [{
            text: 'Save',

// injecting form into the panel	
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but form isn't visible. I checked with FireBug and it shows that panel height set to 2px and because of overflow:hidden I couldn't see the form.

Please, help!