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Thread: Refresh page with state save

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    Default Refresh page with state save

    Hi All,

    New to forum and needing some help.
    I have the following scenario:
    An extjs viewport with a treeview panel on the west and a miframe panel at the center.
    User selects an option from the treeview and the miframe panel opens another aspx page. (call this the "sub page")
    Changes are made on the sub page and the user now wants to refresh to see the effect of those changes.
    If I just do a refresh then the whole viewport is rebuilt and the user then needs to navigate to the page they were on to see the changes.

    My question is as follows; how can I make the page automatically go back to where the user was? So they don't need to re-navigate the tree.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Why would you want to refresh the entire page?? Why not just have a store and then reload the store.

    At any rate, take a look at stateful in the config options on the viewport... that's how you would save the current state of the viewport

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