I have a tree that I want to be able to drop filenames onto by dragging from the Windows file manager - ie from "ouside" the app. Since I am not dragging an Ext DDObject, the drop goes unrecognised by the tree beforenodedrop and nodedrop events.

So, I added listeners to the tree html elements themselves. eg:
PHP Code:
tx.tree.single.getEl().on("drop", function (e) {
    if (
e.hasFormat(Ext.air.DragType.TEXT)) {
// handle the drop
which works as far as recognising the drop goes.

Now, e.getTarget() returns the DOM element (either text or image depending upon whether I drop onto the node text or the node icon). What I need to do then is to work out which tree node I am dropping onto but I cant see how to work backwards from the dom node to the tree node.

I tried adding a node reference to the treenode.UI when the node is created but I need to work more on that to get it to work reliably.

Is there a simpler way to either get the tree node object to recognise the external drag, or to find out the treenode from the dom node? Or some other completely different way?