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Thread: "scroll"-property on "List"s

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    Default "scroll"-property on "List"s


    The documentation of the "List"-class states you can provide a scroller-configuration to the "scroll"-property.

    However, the "initComponent" of List does the following.

            if (this.scroll !== false) {
                this.scroll = {
                    direction: 'vertical',
                    useIndicators: !this.indexBar
    If it's intentional to disregard the user's scroll-configuration, then I think the docs should be updated. In my opinion, though, the user's scroll-configuration should be merged with the defaults for "direction" and "useIndicators".

    I need to be able to supply listeners to the scroll-event, to implement "infinite scrolling". My workaround at the moment is subclassing "List" and merging the scroll-properties.

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    I would have to agree it should use Ext.applyIf to merge. In the mean time, you can override the initComponent to do as you wish.
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