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Thread: ExtJS 4 Backward Compatibility

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    Default ExtJS 4 Backward Compatibility


    Can anyone tell me if version 4.0 is backward compatible with version 3.x.x? There are new features in version 4.0 that I would like to use for my version 3.x.x application.

    Thanks in advance.


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    it's not. Some signatures are still working, but many things are refactored, so they reside at another place. You have to refactor your code to run with Ext4!
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    Sencha have promised a "compatibility file" that will make it possible/easier to run Ext3 apps with Ext4, but as of PR5 that file has not been delivered AFAIK.

    Personally I've been working on refactoring our Ext3 application to use the new Ext4 syntax for class definition, models & stores, etc etc. Grunt work, but worth it in the end IMO...

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    I would be very happy to get this file.
    Even if I will upgrade my functions, I can not do it in one shot...

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