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Thread: Ext.Direct with ExtJS4

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    Default Ext.Direct with ExtJS4

    I'm trying to create my server-side code for using Ext.Direct with ExtJS 4 and it seems like, to me, that RPC methods are static only?

    I just mean, if I have a model "user" and wanted to add "user.getPermissions()" to interface with my server side method $user->getPermissions() is it possible that I could automatically pass $user->primaryKey?

    In what I've managed to accomplish "getPermissions" becomes a class method (static method) of "user" instead of an object method that can include user model information.

    So, I'm able to do something like this:

    var Permissions = user.getPermissions( 100 );  // 100 is user id
    What I'd like to do instead, is this:

    var user = Ext.ModelMgr.getModel('user');
    user.load(100, {
    	success: function(user){
    		user.permissions = user.getPermissions();
    		// where is included automatically
    		// in the RPC
    Please let me know if this is possible.

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    In the next release you'll be able to do:

    Ext.define('User', {
        extend: '',
        getPermissions: function(){
            // make direct call here
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