Hi all,

I see a lot of changes in the Tree code even between PR4 and PR5. Examples shows only fetching data and tree display. What about editing tree structure ?

I am playing with it without any success.

1. I can get data from remote DB with JSON & Ext.data.TreeStore (based on examples)
2. Misteriously when I try to append nodes I see that store in my TreePanel is actually Ext.data.NodeStore and I get only errors and no POST AJAX requests to the server.

In case anybody had luck with it - is there any code examples available ?
What is the best way to add new node to the tree ?

Is it intended to be this.store.create({new-node-details})
and everything will be displayed automagically and stored on remote DB with this.store.sync() ?

How do I point parent for my new node ?