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    Default xtype store

    We wrote a very comprehensive application that relies heavily on ExtJS3; we are very close to deploying it (this is a in-house application) and we want to see about upgrading to extjs4, to use many of the new features. However, 95% of our app relies on stores and grids, which happen to be the 2 biggest things upgraded.

    To get to the point, we use things like:
    PHP Code:
    store: {
    however it seems like store was removed from the xtype definitions, and Ext.reg was moved and/or removed.

    Is it possible to use xtype: 'store', or define it to use be used like ext3 used to? The reason xtype: 'store' worked great for us was because we are going to be using the same store config, but with different data within the same space. So, for example, if I define it like... new, it will use the same store class throughout every instance of that class I am making, and the multiple stores need to have different data in them, but be configured the same.

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    xtypes are still around but when you extend a component you use the alias config. eg:

    Ext.define("myClassPanel", {
        extend : "Ext.panel.Panel",
        alias  : "widget.myclasspanel",
    Now you can use the xtype "myclasspanel". The alias has 2 parts that are delimited by the period, first part is the type of xtype and the second is the xtype. So here, the type is "widget" and xtype is "myclasspanel".

    Plugin example:

    Ext.define("MyPlugin", {
        extend : "Ext.AbstractPlugin",
        alias  : "plugin.myplugin",
    Here you can see the type is "plugin" and ptype is "myplugin".
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