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Thread: [CLOSED] Missing store warning message

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [CLOSED] Missing store warning message

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    In my project, I am assigning a name to the store property of a ComboBox instead of a designer created store and using the name based linkage to reference the store in the Ext.StoreMgr at runtime. This is done because the server provides the metadata to the store at runtime so I do not need to use the designer to implement the schema for the store. The problem is that when I attempt to export the project, the designer displays a warning message listing every ComboBox in the project as having a missing store. In the prior version, the designer would display the warning listing the first ComboBox. With it listing every ComboBox, this message has the potential to display the Yes and No buttons off the screen. Since the ComboBox has a value assigned to the store property, should this message be displayed at all?
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    Well, the store is missing from your project - so just applying a store configuration is not satisfactory for the conditions of that check. Having a missing store can cause problems during Preview (particularly for Grids). Even if you aren't going to use the Store from the Designer, you should create a dummy store in your project so the warning does not appear.

    We'll take this scenario into consideration going forward. Thanks.

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