Yesterday DavidGillespie inquired about getting help with SASS issues and Nicodemuz reported the same error:


As it turns out, his error is directly related to the 1.1 release. I can confirm this as well because after having updated from 1.0.1a to 1.1 I received an error when attempting to watch my SASS directory with Compass. My error was different, but I believe they're both related to the 1.1 release.

We collectively discovered two different errors:

1. DavidGillespie and NicoDemuz's error:

error myapp.scss (Line 24: Undefined mixin 'background-image'.)
Sass::SyntaxError on line ["24"] of u: Undefined mixin 'background-image'.
I found the referenced line 24 in /resources/themes/stylesheets/sencha-touch/default/_mixins.scss:

@include background-image(linear-gradient(color_stops(lighten($bg-color, 30%), lighten($bg-color, 7%) 2%, darken($bg-color, 7%))));
2. My error:

NoMethodError on line 9 of /Users/markwyner/Documents/Gigs/PriceBox/Site_Sencha/www/resources/sass/../themes/lib/theme_images.rb: undefined method `inline_image_string' for #<Sass::Script::Functions::EvaluationContext:0x1011f6bc8>
When I reverted to 1.0.1a and ran a watch I received no errors, so I can confirm my error is directly related to the new version. Line 9 of theme_images.rb in 1.1 reads:

inline_image_string(data(real_path), compute_mime_type(path, mime_type))
That same line in theme_images.rb in 1.0.1a reads:

url = "url('data:#{compute_mime_type(path,mime_type)};base64,#{data(real_path)}')"
Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.