I create this thread but Support team closed it before problem solved.
The last support is from TommyMaintz
Ext 4 is not going to support applyTo functionality for components. This was done in order to facilitate new theming capabilities such as border radius on all components on all browsers. The existing code was slated for deprecation and won't be part of the next release.
I do not use applyTo config but applyToMarkup function. The function do not give me a result as it designed.
According to mitchellsimoensreply, I can create Text. But when I inspect HTML source, 'myText' is still there and Ext create many div beside that. It is much different from 3.3.2. Ext4 should remove old Element after create new one!
I still need help because in my app, I mainly use markup to render.
Thanks and please help.