I'm reading about both for days now but I'm unable to get to a conclusion. Air or Titanium?

What I'm looking for right now is a viable solution to deploy my App for desktop and for mobile in a future not so far away. My first project will be a specific site browser that will enhance the site with desktop goodies.
I don't think that I'll need more than Ext Core for the app side, because the specific site that this app will access is already made with ExtJs and my app will just add some functions, like look in a specific directory for new files and upload this files automatically to the site.

The other problem is the encryption thing. Both solutions don't give a dam to protect my source files, but AIR at least have the Encrypted Local Store where I can store sensitive data. If Titanium have something like that I was unable to find in the Docs.

Air have the Ext.air and titanium?

I'm still reading and thinking about, and I still believe Adobe is kind of lazy. But I wold like to decide this week!

Can someone share some thoughts to help me decide?