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    Exclamation [CLOSED] AutoRef is not working witch MenuItem

    When I set the autoRef value of MenuItem after exporting project code looks fine. But after runing application there is no property/reference in top level component of the of the screen. This is ViewPort as boudary layout. In the north section is a panel with auto layout, in the panel is tolbar, on the tolbar is button group, in this group is five buttons, on each button is menu witch menu items. May be the problem is in ExtJs, I'm using ext-3.3.1. Please help.

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    This is a bug in Ext 3.3.1, and is staged to be fixed for 3.3.2 already. There is another thread on this same topic. I can't find it at the moment because the forum search is not working very well (which I think is being fixed today). But, on that thread there is a money patch to get this working for versions <=3.3.1.

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