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Thread: [OPEN] Component's (dis)appearance after promoting TabPanels to classes

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    Default [OPEN] Component's (dis)appearance after promoting TabPanels to classes

    Designer version tested:
    • 1.1.2 x86-32

    Operating System:
    • Linux Mint 10 x64 (see previous threads)

    Problem description:

    After I've promoted the 3 tabs of the mainTabPanel to classes and exported the project, the "Bijlage #" tab disappears in every common browser I've viewed it in, in favor of a second "Lijst genereren"-tab (of which there should be only one instance). Another odd thing is that this tab's bottom bar seems to have donated it's "Toelichten"-button to the tab's duplicate.

    Also, some elements (e.g., buttons in the "Lijst genereren"-tab) seem have disappeared without a trail...

    Steps to reproduce the problem:

    Open the attached project, export the sources and view them in an arbitrary browser.
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