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Thread: Updating TreePanel in dialog

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    Question Updating TreePanel in dialog


    I have a TreePanel in dialog window, defined through xtype like this

    	xtype: 'treepanel', 
    	autoScroll: true,
    	headers: [{
    		xtype: 'treeheader',
    		text: 'Col1',
    		flex: 1,
    		sortable: true,
    		dataIndex: 'col1'
    		text: 'Col2',
    		flex: 2,
    		dataIndex: 'col2',
    		sortable: true
    	store: new{
    		autoLoad: false,
    		autoSync: false,
    		model: 'MyModel',
    		proxy: {
    			type: 'ajax',
    			url: 'data.json'
    		root: {
    			expanded: true
    The problem is that it requests 'data.json' immediately at page initialization instead of loading data when dialog window appear. How to define it to load data at dialog popup? I have tried 'autoLoad' and 'autoSync' options, but they didn't help.


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    setup an afterrender event handler for the treepanel, that calls the store.load method.

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