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    Default How to change bodyStyle of "running window" to show grid and how to snap to it

    I would like to change the bodyStyle of an Ext.window.Window after it is rendered (change background picture)

    Before I call the .show() I can set it by using:
    Ext.apply(x,{bodyStyle:'background-image:url(/work/Grid_'+gridSize.value+'.png) !important'});

    on that window I have a picture with:
    resizable : {
    dynamic : false,
    listeners : {
    resizedrag : function(me, width, height, e){

    the resizedrag event fires well and gives me width and height values.

    Now I must somehow set the me.getTarget.width (and height) after some grid snap calculations

    I just cannot figure out how to do that... using Ext4

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