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Thread: e.getTarget() doesn't exist in ExtJS 4.0b1?

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    Default e.getTarget() doesn't exist in ExtJS 4.0b1?

    When we have a grid with an icon button (e.g. delete icon) in the right hand column we would trap the cellclick and test for the presence of <div class="controlBtn"> using e.getTarget.

    Now with ExtJS 4.0b1 we receive "e.getTarget is not a function"

    I cannot find any reference to this in the docs either.

    How do I achieve what is described in the Grid FAQ (5.5) "How to add a column with tools for each record?"

    test = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
            store: store,
            viewConfig: {
                stripeRows: true,
                emptyText:'No rows to display',
                listeners: {
                    cellClick: function(view, record, item, index, e){
                        console.log(e.getTarget('.controlBtn')); /// e.getTarget is not a function

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    It's in the docs so it should be working.
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    is e an Ext.EventObject?

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