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Thread: Configure Ext.msg

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    Default Configure Ext.msg

    I don't understand how to use Ext.MessageBox.
    I know how to create an alert message ( Ext.msg.alert() ) but I don't know how to configure options (ui, width ...).

    Any help or examples ?

    Thank you


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    ui is going to be pretty much CSS. You can specify the ui on the buttons but that's about it.

    Width is controlled by the message you put in there. If you need a specific width, you are going to have to use show instead of alert. alert is just a convenience method that configures the show method.

        width: 300,
        height: 300,
        cls: "myBox",
        buttons: [
            { text : "Ok", ui : "confirm" }
        title: "MessageBox",
        msg: "My custom alert box"
    Look at the show method for config options
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