I have a very simple border layout that contains a small formpanel and 3 different gridpanels (grid1, grid2, and grid3). I have created 4 different Models as follows:

Model A
- has many Model B

Model B
- has many Model C
- has many Model D

Model C
- belongs to B

Model D
- belongs to B

On the Ext.onReady function, I am able to load my model (and nested data) in Model A, as shown in the API documentation.

When a user clicks on a row in grid 1, I need to display some of the nested data in grid 2 and grid 3 (master/detail sort of approach). How would I go about doing this? I know how to catch when the user clicks on the row in grid 1, but I am not sure how to tell grid 2 and grid 3 to update with the nested data?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !