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Thread: Get value from ext.window

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    Default Get value from ext.window

    I am trying to retrieve the textfield 'remail' value using
    var pass = Ext.getCmp('win').getForm().findField('remail').getValue();

    But I get a error 'Ext.getCmp(...)' is null or not an object
    Please help me out.

    Here is my entire code.
    Thanks & regards

    <script language="javascript">
    Ext.onReady(function() {
    var myBtnresetHandler = function(btn) {
    var pass = Ext.getCmp('win').getForm().findField('remail').getValue();
    document.getElementById("hdnpassword").value = pass;;
    var win;
    var button = Ext.get('show-btn');

    button.on('click', function() {
    // create the window on the first click and reuse on subsequent clicks
    if (!win) {
    win = new Ext.Window({
    id: 'forgotPasswrdWin',
    title: 'Password Reset',
    closable: true,
    closeAction: 'hide',
    width: 490,
    autoHeight: true,
    bodyStyle: 'background-color:#FFF;padding:20px',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'panel',
    layout: 'table',
    unstyled: true,
    style: 'background-color:#FFF;',
    layoutConfig: {
    columns: 2
    defaults: {
    unstyled: true,
    padding: 5
    items: [{
    layout: 'form',
    anchor: '100%',
    items: [{
    fieldLabel: 'Email Address',
    id: 'remail',
    name: 'remail',
    xtype: 'textfield',
    width: 200
    }, {
    items: [{
    xtype: 'button',
    text: 'Reset Password',
    id: 'recover-btn',
    style: 'margin-top:-5px',
    handler: myBtnresetHandler


    <tr><td ><a class="linkHeaders" id="show-btn" herf="">Forgot your password?</a></td></tr>

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    I think you missed the Ext.getCmp point, you have to pass the id of the window... the call should be:

    Ext.getCmp('forgotPasswrdWin').getForm() ...

    If it doesn't work maybe is because you have a lot of panels in there so you should do something like:

    You have a var in memory called win so you can access that one too:


    Also, as you used an static id for the textfield you can ge4t the value from it too...

    Please take a look at Docs and read the options you have to pass to the functions...

    Also, you can see some screencasts from our friend Jay Garcia about the Problems of using Ext.getCmp()...

    You can get a good book to learn too. There are plenty of them out there. Online you can find Ext in Action from our friend Jay Garcia here:
    Javier Rincón aka SysCobra

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