Ok. I understand that Betas are not fully baked products, and as such I shouldn't be complaining about memory usage until final comes out. So I won't.

That said, I'm interested to hear what other developers are experiencing with 4.0 Beta (1 or 2), and if someone from Sencha happened upon this thread, any thoughts on what we might expect to experience at this time (is memory management pretty solid, should we wait it out, should we report problems as bugs, etc).

For my application, I'm noticing the following (IE8, not in compatibility mode):

Ext 3.3.1 - Application starts in fresh browser between 35-40MB. Subsequent requests boost me up to 50-60MB, and then settles into a allocate/deallocate cycle that gradually increases its max value over time (read: much more stable than 2.x)

Ext 4.0 Beta 2 - Application starts in fresh browser at about 170MB, locks into a fairly stable cycle that grows much less slowly than 3.3.1.

What I'm interested in from the Sencha folks is - has this been observed, is it normal? I can definitely roll with a higher startup memory hit and very stable long term use.

(Not to be confused with St. Evil)